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Shantonu Deva is a trained vocalist from the Prabhat Gharana under the guidance of his Mother Shrimati Riita Pyne and his Guru Shrii Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar . He came into this wonderful ambience of  songs , dance and poetry at a very early age.  Music is Life, Music is the love divine. 

Since the last 20 years he has been conducting Vocal training workshops and Kiirtan concert tours with collective singing , dance and poetry , creating a peacefull, harmonic,meditative ambience. 

Music for upliftment and inclusiveness !  Music for peace and benevolence.

He is also the creative director and leading singer of the band. MAA

Malik Nafiz is a trained profession renowned singer, composer and music director from Bangladesh, He has been devoted to music for the last 40 years.


He started his musical career at a very early age and had created a space for himself  as a vocalist, composer and music director in different movies, theaters and concerts worldwide.

He has conducted numerous project with music around the world,  including his 15 years of cultural contribution in Bangladesh National Radio and Televisiaon

He is also an outsanding lyric writer and composer. He is also the music director of the band MAA, and had been travelling and performing in various projects , workshops and concerts.

Jan Erik Hagglund is an established cello artists and a yoga teacher since the last 40 years. He had a career from rock to classical. He has also been a monk teaching meditation and Yoga.

He has performed and taught in many countries and  worked  in several symphony orchestra and major houses namely the Royal College of Music Sweden, Stockholm ensemble of contemporary music, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, University of Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Duke University,Framnaes Music Conservatory.

During his early days as a monk he came in contact with Indian Devotional and Spiritual music which  inspired him to create bridge between the east and the west through a musical dialogue.

He tours with the band giving workshops and concerts.

Hugo Widen is a trained Tabla Player from Sweden , he trained with the leading tabla maestros from India and Abroad for  the last 10 years, he is also a drummer and had been performing in several projects and cultural collaborations .

He is the leading drummer, tabla player and had been performing at different festivals, concerts, yoga Shalas and renowned stages around the continents.


He accompanied several Hindustani Classical artistis, folk and other cultural endevaour. 

He is also one of the coordinator and facilitator of the Stockholm Sangeet Conference

Prabhakar Pradhan is wonderful percussionist from Orrisa, India. He grew up with an unique enviroment of playing at temples, retreats, folk ensemble and kiirtan centers all around  India.

He is a multi talented percussionist with an outstanding sense of rythm and fusion elements. 

He is also a Yoga teacher since  the last 30 years and had worked as a missionary for social service and community development.

He has been touring and performing with the band.